Wednesday, September 13, 2006

so ii was bored. took a photo of my bedroom wall (part of it) and the photo iim "holding" is very FAVOURITE picture. LOLS. anyways. my nails are BLACK ((: today when ii went out with my mom there was this auntie kept on looking at me (or my nails). LOLS. her expression was really FUNNY siia. like saying whats with youngsters nowadays liddat =xxxx
went thru all the songs to JAY's new album and its not bad! xPP thou ii feel kinda guilty for not buying the SUPERBAND cd first = =" really like the bai se feng che that song. Tui Hou also nt bad! can say iima tooot for slow songs laa. HAHS. anyways have to save up money to buy it soon; nxt week got event !! >< die la die la ii no $$$ = =" but bobians have to see VICS xDD lalala~ see how first bahs ((:
anyone knows how to get another personal phone line for room = ="
(suddenOUTBURST)ahhhs~ ii want watch MOVIE~ = ="
lets think of a way to talk besides ON the phone. LOLS. maybe we can develop some superPOWERS or something. or telepathy =))