Sunday, September 10, 2006

msn has this habit of logging me out/appearingOFFLINE even after clicking appearONLINE when ii feel like talking to someone online. = =" haiis SIAN. ><
hmmms. today AHGONGG woke me up at 11 =) so i slack at hme till 3+ wait for j0el den we went compass eat. we kept on talking talking talking. LOLS. after went to nVISTA band concert and the ticket cost 5 bucks cos they're trying to do some fundraising. errrhs. was okaaaaaaaays bahs. nt very good not very bad. at least the de standard still there. shudnt comment too much thou =xxx lalala~ erhhhs. after that we went to sit outside 7-11 the space at compass to talk crap LOLS. that time only got me, joel, hui, sabina, jia, weegek, audrey bahs. den more pp came laters den we talk CRAP. = =" LOLS. didnt really enjoy the ghost story part cos when ii was walking hme was damn scared dde den ii purposely play song play till very loud = =" LOLS. lalala~
i got my JAY cd today! lol. the lyrics booklet really very nice worhs. but now dunno why take le den nv listen only keep staring at the photos inside. LOLS. he really quite shuai lei JAY >< hehs. but VICS nicer la =xx
SOBBS. paulTWOHILL got eliminated from singaporeIDOL lers SIAN!! >< haiish. really like his singing de >< haiis~
i didnt have to wait till 14 days, thank goodness. ((: you're closer to uur target of 99 AHGONGG ((: jiayou jiayou behs =))