Sunday, September 24, 2006

like wth blogger did to my links siia = ="
dunno why i cant change the header of myBLOG. = =" managed to change the links problem le and anyways the blogskin doesnt like me. my conclusion. cos i changed it like from 6+ until now den FINALLY done le. zzz. tiiiiiiiiiiiired. LOLS.
hmmms. thursday my cousin came back from UK le! yay~ and she brought back some cookies(?) or something for me. gonna meet her next week but nt sure exactly when. miss her so so SO much siia LOLS. meet her SURE take alot pictures with her de =xx
ytd went to superband de event with Jing j0ey and Serene. LOLS. first time see autograph event got 16 people signing siia. hahahas. den when we went up the stage its like me and Serene keep laughing also dunno why = =" den jiu eat lolipop. LOLS. MLB de Weiqi give us that kinda "lolipop-not-bad-hor" look den we were like >"< VICS nv look up de! lols anyways he look up i also cant see no specs = =" LOLS. was practically BLIND ytd hao bu hao. butBUTbut! ytd KELVIN so CHIO hao bu hao!! the way he wear his eyeliner thn his hair! OMG! hao mei hor~~~ hahahas. anyways before the auto start ytd den got one group of mlb de fans sit beside us. den when the song by MLB started playing they started shouting damn loud = ="" den its like we were DIAOS = =" so high because of MLB. = =" hahahas. after the auto we went to eat. den me and Serene eat fish and chips den the knife is SUPER big de hao ma. = =" LOLS. den cut abit scary. j0ey ytd abit = =" lols keep laughing and saying weird things de LOLS =xx xiaoBEAR ytd see too much xiaoHORSE liaaos~lalala~ lolx =xxx
next week is coming le wor AHGONGG =xx lalalala~ im waiting for u ;