Thursday, December 10, 2009

To the Expo we go!

I'm sorry that was just a random title in my head. How this title came about?
It was this nursery rhyme (Believe me, I chose the best video I could)

I gave in to temptation and became broke. End of story.

This day, there was an electronics fair at the Expo Hall, I believe. Darling's Dad asked us along, so we did!

Yup, he's got it, all North South East West directions.

Giant zit!!!!!!!!! (/faints)

The taxi uncle was a scary driver.

Uh. This is Darling's littlest sister. Newborn, 2 months old maybe. And we walked a long way before finally managing to find a Nursing Room.
And upon finding it. It was locked. You have to call the management, only then will they open it for you.
Troublesome much?

Right after this picture she proceeded to vomit milk. No kidding.

See Xueting's expression and you would know how gruesome it was. Not pretty.

HAHAH unglam moment. I was adjusting my lashes which were falling off. (Why does this sentence sound like it's not making sense?)

It's not raining! (I hope I don't jinx this day wtf)