Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Updating in progress: FAIL

This, is today's random picture. Did I mention I love rainy days?
(In regards to the title, it is FAIL because it is too backdated. Ha, ha, ha.)

And oh, I hereby declare I fucking promise I won't organize any family (relatives, in this case) gatherings anymore.
You know why? Thinking it was gonna be good for Grandma for all her grandchildren to gather and spend time with her,
I organized this Xmas gathering thinking we could do the same we did last year. Simple thing actually: exchange presents, spend some time together, catch up, Grandma's happy, we're happy!
Sounded really simple right? It turned out anything BUT.
Let's just say I ended up cancelling the whole thing. You want to reject me? FINE. Just. Say. No.
Don't fucking give me ambiguous answers. AND my number 1 pet peeve:
When people don't reply to my text when I ask them something.
Like what is wrong! If you didn't read it, you missed the text that's fine. But you read it already and don't reply?! What is wrong with you!!

I'm sorry that I got so agitated but I really wanted to vent everything out. First time in awhile that I've been THIS angry. (/bows and scampers)

Start of Oct: This was when we brought Darling's little sister Xueting to stay over! (As you can see he's straying her into the dark side by teaching her how to play gory games wtf)

Then, during the night we had to bring her back. We were at Darling's Grandma's house, playing with sparklers! (Okay technically they played with it, not me.)

Me and Xueting stood very far from Darling because we are both scaredy-cats.

This reminds me of the Channel 8 advertisment they used to show, you know, the one they used it to 'draw' the number 8? Couldn't find it on Youtube, though.

Fizzling.. And out.

I always get reminded of this whenever I see candles.

LOL @ Darling standing so far away

I don't know why but this picture just looks like he's doing something indecent LOL.

Of course, typical of little kids to pick up remnants to play.

She's rather cute when she's not crying or being overactive LOL.

All in one, it was a good day. (Even though I had a high fever of 39.7 degrees and burned my head off and slept through the afternoon.)

Kbox for an advanced celebrations of Joel & Hui's birthdays! I actually can't remember when this was. But since it's in the same folder, whatever right? LOL.

Honey Lemon tasted HORRIBLE. Never gonna order that again. And you know they don't serve plain/iced water? That's ridiculous.
You could have served me water straight from the tap and I wouldn't care, just as long as you gave me water!

Hui is now in Genting freezing her butt off (LOL I'm joking okay baby don't kill me)

Joel is very busy when it's not his turn to sing, fidgeting with Hui's iPhone.

I gave up my Honey Lemon for this piece of heaven~ ♥

If we all looked tired, that's because we were probably were. Past 12am (or rather past my bedtime LOLWTF)


Of course, we had to have the obligatory song for the birthday boy & girl, right?

I was the only one who was dressed more nicely because I was vain and wanted to wear heels wtf

Be back this week! (As I try to keep this place updated wtf) /guilty