Monday, December 25, 2006

wooots !
christmas should be a day for SMiLES joy & happiness !
not to forget LOVE ! =DD

im spending today at home with my dear cos i was literally SQUASHED ytd. =.=
went to orchard ytd with HiM & was shocked at the CROWDS of people there. i think the speed we were moving was about 1cm per minute. T.T some BANGLAS were like really rude kept pushing&pushing&pushing like they were gonna die if they didnt move faster. One of them kept pushing his arm into me T.T luckily there was one group of women on my other side who helped me push him away & told me to be on my guard cos there were others who would attempt to touch girls during these times. for the rest of the VERYsqueezy journey i used my nails on whoever men who came near me =DD except my dear who was protecting from behind luhs. =DD
after we managed to get out from the suffocating crowd we bought some SNOWSPRAYS&walked down to doubygaught to meet Hui&the rest =DD thn we walked back to Orchard to start our SPRAYing session ! most of the people i saw aim-ed at the Banglas lor, LOL. was funny luh. the Bangla was just walkin past thn some people would just start spraying them for no reason de. LOL. some of the Bangla even used their bag/jacket to 'shield' luh, others walked behind the policemen. LOLS super funny luh. after we seperated from Hui they all me&my HiM continued spraying people til 1am plus thn we rushed to the MRT cos later no train go hme =.= when we got home was like, ugh luhs. hands felt all soapy&smelt of the er xin snow spray smell T.T nxt yr we wanna get MORE sprays to spray people ! wahaha =xx

iwanttowatchdeathnoteiwanttowatchdeathnoteiwanttowatchdeathnote ! ><
&& ONE day to xbbear's birthday !
advanced HAPPYBiRTHDAY to xBEAR !

time for some pictures ! =DD

the crowd at Orchard is worse than it seems.

i like your eyes. those long, long eyelashes ,
& eyes i could gaze into forever.
but those eyes are the same ones that could cause me as much hurt as much as they give me happiness.
though sometimes it just hurts so so so much ,

i would never want to seperated with these pair of eyes .
not now ,not ever .
it's cos iloveyou ,just as simple as that .(((=