Wednesday, December 20, 2006

temporarily. =.=
comp's been. erhs, sotsot lately. hahaha.
so im writing this in the hope that it wont crash on me. HOPEFULLY. =))

mmms been rotting at hme lately since recently the weather's been nothing but RAiN.
everywhere i wanna go, the rain makes it impossible.
duhs hate the rain. make me cannot go out =((
but im wishing for it to RAiN BiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiGGG tml.
so the pp staying at my hse cant go out. =xx

SiANZATiON luhs. my malaysia relatives stayin over at my hse.
so what if you're rich sehs so stuckup ! zzz.
if you're so rich go stay in a hotel luh =.=
all of us have to be cramped in one room cos of your family's arrival.
thn you stil act like it's li suo dang ran de. O.O
&& im like supposed to bring you all out for shopping [?] && wherever destinations ya wanna go. DUHS.
im nt your tour guide k. =\pissedoffluhs. =(((

countdown ! deathnotes in EiGHTDAYS =))
&& SiXDAYS to xbear's birthday xPP

erhs, is it possible if anyone can help =.=
i cant write chinese in my blog. =\\\\