Monday, December 11, 2006

1. who is the first guy u set eyes on
whn ur in sec one?
j0el. HAHS. cos he seemed so hyer-ish in class.
2. do u believe in faiytales?
i believe in happy endings (=
3. do u usually lead or follow?
i like to follow ((=
4. whats ur favourite pastimes?
5. hu is the guy that u love mst
HiM,, myFEiFEi !
6. u personally like the past or the
present better?
present. if not i wouldnt have met HiM =))
7. whr is ur usual hangout?
town,home,yishun. HAHS!
8. what is ur favourite colours?
9. whats u hate mst abt people?
stuckup,so what if you're rich? being rich doesnt give you anything to scold pp, loser.
10. describe ur personality
dunno. = ="
11. what r u thinking of right now?
ums, trying to suan S0MEONE but no results. = ="
12. whats the time on ur grandfather;s
clock now?
i aint got one = ="
13. r u in a relationship?
14. whats ur agenda for tmr?
0UT! with my cousin&HiM~ =DD
15. r u slpy?
1.whose picture is it that you keep in
ur wallet?
aint got no pic. HAHS. phone thn have.
2. what time do you go to bed?
see my mood.
3. What's on your mind just now?
im hungry.
4. what was the latest movie you saw?
; happy feet.
5. when was the last time you went out?
ums, fri?
6.what do you hate the most for now?
7. what things you want to do now?
eat!& finish this thingy. lalala~
8. what do you do everyday besides eat?
; sleep&use com .
9. talked on the phone just to say
good night?
everytime the conversation drags over 2 hours. HAHS!

10. miss someone?
he's right behind me =))
11. are you a coffee addict?
urh, actually coffee makes me sleep.
12. are you satisfied with your life
just a lil bit more to puuuurfect. =)
13. will you share a glass of water
with a friend?
14. last person you said goodbye to?
my mommy! i ask her not to miss me&she said she wont. = ="
15. ever had a food fight?
wasting food. i dont do this kinda stuff.
16. what do you usually eat for
by the time i wake up it's already noon. LOL
17. Lost a friendship over something?
yups. nothing lost, nothing gained. no use cryin over spilt milk.
19. Can you remember what you did on
the first day on school?
so long liao seh. think i was talkin with pigg. haha
20. who's on ur mind?
who else besides the one behind me?
22. how's your heart lately?
feels fine.
23. What reminds you of ur 1st love?
N O T H i N G.
24. ever had a crush on a teacher?
my teachers all lao ah peks la.
25. things u need everyday?
phone water HiM
26. Is there someone who you like at
the moment?
its not like its LOVE. =))
27. Have you ever given or been given
uhuhs. turns out the roses cant adapt to high temperatures&it started to give off a weird smell. = ="
28. What is your all time favorite
romance movie?
29. How many times can you honestly
say you've been in love?
30. Do you believe that everyone has a
31. Do you think that you should
become friends with someone first?
if not?
32. Have you ever had your heart
no use crying over spilt milk.
33. What do you think about long-
distance relationships?
34. Your thoughts on online
good start. hahas =xx
35. Would you rather date someone five
years older or younger?
36. Have you ever seen a friend as
more than a friend?
yea&it was dumb.
37. Do you believe the
statement, "Once a cheater
always a cheater"?
maybe. but i believe once bitten twice shy.
38. How many kids do you want to have?
39. Do you usually fall for a wrong
boy/girl or the right boy/girl?
you'll always believe that the person with you is the right one for you, aint it?
40. What is your favorite color(s)?
refer to (A)qn8.
41. What are your views on gay
whats meant to be will be meant to be.
42. Have you ever broken someones
43. Imagine you're 79 & your spouse
just died, would you re-marry?
44. At what age did you start noticing
the opposite sex?
dunno. 3? the person was my dad. HAHS
45. What song do you want to hear at
your wedding?
we will see at my wedding =)

anyone knows whats up with the new friendster profiles? the way they change it it looks really weird& .. o.o"
my search for jObs failed sadly. lOls. = =" my mom say i might as well find someone marry me suan le since i have no hope. LOL.
i want to catch Night at the musuem&DEATHN0TE2! xbear, stil rmb our date? hohoho~ im gonna watch it like THREE times, hohoho~ =))

urhs, Vics has become Santa. hahahs. weird. &he gave me his assumption of DEATHN0TE2. ViCS we shall see whether ur disection of the movieposter is true nots. wahaha =xx

i didnt know that ,to you ,i was something you should hide from your friends .am i that much of an embarassment to you ?too ugly for you to bring out ?or what ?you've hurt me real bad with this move of yours .cant you just tell the truth ?this time ,im really speechless .