Friday, December 29, 2006

i dunno what the HELL is wrong with my comp.
sincerely i have no freaking idea. T.T
ytd i accidentally kicked the table then the comp RESTARTED & i couldnt switch it on T.T only when my dear fixed it by plugging&un-plugging all the wires again&again thn did it work. STOOOPiDCOMPLUHS! gah~ when can i get a new comp T.T
i hope it doesnt rain on sunday ! cos it's kinda dampening to watch fireworks amongst the rain. though it actually SOUNDS romantic but i guess the actual situation is gonna get me all irritated. like how my comp irritated me ytd. =DD thank GOD it's working alrights now. if not how am i gonna talk to my lucificans&my dear(s)? =DD
im talking to this guy on msn& he's like 1.8m tall. im like, okays thats tall. you're taller thn me. my dear. & even my dad ! but he says, i wanna be 2m tall. thn i can directly slamdunk dont need jump. i can only go T.T Men are always never satisfied with what they have =.=
i have something on my mind it's really really really bothering me alot but i cant say it out cos it's not exactly a very good thing luhs. gahs~ what do i do what do i do? although it doesnt invole me directly but if you see it in another way indirectly i am involed . =\\ gah !! i'm so confused =((

a touchingbutsad story, from daiis' blog ! =))

gah~ !! i shouldnt have gone to those online shopping blogs again. =(( they bring up my craves to buy more&more clothes ! ugh ! someone stop me T.T mycashflowisdecliningFURiOUSLY!=((

i think im starting to have an obsession towards her. do i hate her to the extent that i have to start tracking her every move? God, i dont think i am that psycho. am i? gah~ !! im starting to freak myself out =(( butijustcanthelpmyself ; i just really really dislike her or what she's doing ! =xx ughhhhs ! imdrivingmyselfMAD !! hateshateshates !!! =((