Wednesday, October 4, 2006

advertisement for Lucify's upcoming concert. LMAOS. =))
didnt make it to the 6th gathering last sat. LOLS. Chuchin, j0ey, Serene and me all didnt make it there HAHS = =" $16 bucks in total siia and we didnt go. LOLS. abit siann cos it was to celebrate Vics and Misaki's birthday. But scared that 6th gathering will be like 5th one; get one photo also take like 500 years. LOLS. - -" shall wait for upcoming events bahs =]]
nxt; PHOTOS =))
weeets! random photos of what i did last few days. LOLS. quite wu liao but better thn no updates bahs xP

AHGONGG and i played UNOstacko. LOLS. lame game but FUN. xP see hw tall we stacked the thing up to be; so many holes in the middle = ="

our hands =)
weeeets we both have the same BLACK nails =)) painted by ME! HAHS xDD

LIFTbuttons xP in the LIFT when we decided to get out of the house to take a walk


theREDman xDD

in the end rivervale mall had nothing so we headed to rivervaleplaza
@ the playground near plaza

trying to cut the light = ="

so we headed to rivervaleplaza and we got this ((x

and we started blowing BUBBLES xDD LOLS. RESULTS were ..

from this =)) [AHGONGG's foot behind xP]

to this = =""" [i dunno why it turned out liddat also = ="]


letterbox =) i boxed up my unit numbers. HAHS =xxx
this is the most number of pictures i posted on my blog ever. LOLS. = ="