Saturday, October 21, 2006

support LUCIFY hOrr! =)
Oct 17 was HUIs bday =)
so me&jOel went to her house to give her a surprise! but sorry wOr Hui only got us two sia =__=" the rest all got band&school. we went to her house earlier @ 4 plus&jOel blew the balloons. WAHAHAS xD

he blew this manyballoons. long-winded guy. LMAOS.

when he was tired he sat around and played with the DOGGYSHOES. xD

we wrote MANYmanyMANY messages on the balloons. =) everyone is DIFFERENT de can! xD

while rotting in her room we played with the balloons. =D
fun-ness! lOls

after waiting for 2465 gazillion years the birthday girl FINALLY came back
her CAKE =)

her cake tasted good. lOls xD

the shy birthday girl who refused to get her photo taken. LOLS.
the next day or something me&xiaoPIGG went for a haircut.
she came my house.. ROT before that ba. i FORGOT. anw I MISSED GONG 4 ESP IN A ROW CAN =__="" DOTS. iWANTwatch la but everyday got something on i was like #@$#!@## =__="

the kiss. okay la is PECK. =__=

ohya before that we went to this japanese store in PLAZASINGAPURA the store sold like LOADS of japanese stuffs and we bought fake nails xDD

the LONG fringe which irritated my EYES but couldnt bear to cut off THEN. =__=

SHORTER FRINGE! wahaha =xx my mom say i look like xiaomeimei =__="
i think people see me xiaomeimei now lOr.
few days back i was on my way to meet xiaoPIG thn got this group of like sec2 sec3 at playground keep calling me EHHS girl wearing purple de! OEI! MEIMEI! dots de lOr. if i tell them how old i am they will O.O ba can =__=" bunch of XIAO DI DIs. =__="
andandand! my PURPLE nails xDD
some other random zi lians.

toooooooooootpid shoes. =)

ilovemyshorterhair.whahahas =xx

i fear the day where you will come to me
to tell me you don't love me anymore.
i fear the time when i'm alone
and all our memories;

they come surging back to me.
all the things we used to do,
i fear we won't do them anymore.
and i fear the coming of the day where
you will tell me you're gonna leave me alone.
at the end of the day,
they're all that haunts me in my sleep.

can you look into my eyes
&tell me why these bittersweet tears exist ;