Wednesday, October 25, 2006

loving someone was never said to be an easy job.
i hope i never get to quit.

the insecurities.
the unsolved equations.
where are all the answers?

im telling myself im not missing you but it doesnt seem to work anymore.

some random pictures.
did some fake nails for xiaoPIGG day before.

they were PURPLE! =)

i even arranged them nicely so that they were in order. HAHA.

and MINE! mine were BLACK. only 5 thou enough for one hand. cos i lazy to do the other five. zzz =__="

the next day i woke up and went to my kitchen only to find..

a FREAKING BIGG hole in the middle of my kitchen floor. was like WTH =__="
was SHOCKED sia =___="
turns out my dad took the tiles out forgot for what. zzz.

took this just now while in the midst of watching tv.

i might be strong on the outside
but inside i might be breaking.