Friday, October 13, 2006

need i say more?

today's jOel's birthday.
they're outside my room playing mahjOng right now.
we celebrated by giving him a treat at swensens.
the bill came up to $97.37. = ="""

i look fxcking ugly in that picture. ughhs.

birthday boy with birthday ice-cream.

his smile looks kinda fake here.

the birthday ice-cream. it's free.

some other pictures i took. the things i love.
note: is things, people not included.
will do one on people nxt time.
after im feeling not so dead.

messy hair. or very messy hair. but netherless i like. dunno why also = ="

LOVES to my new necklace ><

i love my w900i.

all my posts have been full of pictures lately.
what happened to all the wordy posts?
hmmms. maybe i ate them up when i was MAD.

still feeling as dead as ever.
maybe i ate my brain up or maybe i threw it down the 13th floor when i was dead.
no. i AM dead.
duhs. wth i talking sia.