Sunday, July 23, 2006

he knows about the dumbTHINGS ii did the past few days. he found out that ii've been cuttingmyself. he felt really angry. and he cried. forME. ii was really at a loss ytd. in one way ii know he really cares but in another way it doesnt feel good to know he's crying because of me. it sorta hurts. like alort. alort alort. way more than ii expected. haahs. didnt know he was so impt to me until recently.
iiKNOWiimDUMBB. dont try to reprimand me; waddever. but iim nort the worse case there's people out there who do this in a more serious way than ii do. hahhs. ii know ii wont ddo it anymore. wells. at least ferr now =XXX if ii do it again like in the near future he's probably gonna ignore me forever.
and thats a long time.
thats wadd he said in the sms. anyways. ii went to see Lucy5 today at bishan with j0eyy and her fwends Serene and Vivian (is it spelled liddat o.o) lols. we went like crazee at the sight of VICS. like me and j0eyy. we were liike VICSVICSVICS !! lol. where were the girls who were once obsessed with Misaki and Shinya sehhs. hahaaas. wells at least ii still took some shots of MISAKI and VICS! standing together hahhhs. ii have like 200+ clear shots =)) my best results ever worrs. haahs. the SF2 recording last time only have like 80+ clear de. rest all delete away. = =" hahas. MISAKIVICSMISAKIVICS !!anyways iim tired. iim gg to eat. bath. SLEEP! ii woke up like 830 today. = ="