Tuesday, July 4, 2006


went out with xiaaopigg n gregg (: we went to walk ard in orchard and greg bought 2 CDs for $100+. $100+ neii. ii can do so many things with that. lol. we went to eat Pastamania. didnt really like it though. too.. er. tomato-ish? lol

the pasta ii ate. some tomato sauce thing. ii forgort. -___-"

after that we went to rot at my house by playin whatever board games we could find. -___-" ended up playing upwords. turned out we had more fun messing up the game. LOL.

o2o7o6 sunday

went out with my band friends for dinner! hehs. celebrated Mr Chin and my birthday. iim getting old. -___-" haas. pictures in the mrt when we were going home. (:

my birthday present from Hui sab and jjoel (: bigHUGG! love uu guys so so so much

my dear joel and me (:

joel = ="

for whole picture (mrCHINincluded) scroll ->

err. wadd uu guys doing? = ="

ii dunno wadd they're doing either. -___-"

stressed = ="

me nn my dear

me and my ddear again

with another one of my ddears. lol

my korrkorr! (:

ddes (:

me and bben. 2 puffed fishh. lol

ii gort so many pictures with my dear siaa. haahaas.

me and audrey (:

the peeps alighting at hougangg station = ="


jeffrey nn me (:

my ddear huii

and lastly me! haahaas (: