Monday, July 17, 2006

ytd went to mediaCORP for superBAND recording with some new friends ii made over the net in the Lucify forum. hehs. namely jingg, joeyy and serene xDD had ALORT of fun and took pictures with MISAKI! hehs. turns out the picture ii look ugly so shall nort post it here. LOLS. anyways VICS was nice. and SHINYA. and MISAKI. hahaha. and NIUNAII! hhe's cute. hahas. shall find someday to post all the pictures here. errs. nort all. some. cos in total ii have 300+ photos = =" will take forever to upload them all = ="
hmmms. when ii woke up today wasnt in too good mood. dunnoes why. doesnt feel like moodSWINGG. just. saw aMISSEDcall from him. den ii was like wtf. also dunno why ii will have this kindaa response. zzz. jiuu. hen qi guai lor. haiis. hasnt had aa PROPER phone conversation with him in ONE week le. what kindaa girlfriendBOYFRIEND will like this de lorr. = =" zzz. hahahas. iim goinggMADD. = ="
going to the library with xiaaoPIGG. will update later if iim in a goodMOOD. main word is IF.