Tuesday, July 18, 2006

im posting this at the risk of getting suffocated in smoke. zzz. the stupid damn auntie renting the room in my house is smoking AGAIN. ughhs. cant stand the smell! everytimes she does that the entire house will stink of smoke for afew days ! zzz. oxygenTANK anyone?
i diverted all my calls away today and plugged out all my phone lines. didnt feel like talking to pp unless necessary. since my mom is out for mahjong and dads overseas for 1 week so iim alone. well-deserved ALONEtime. zzzz. he didnt even bother to sms me or call after ytd lor. uu duno wadd ii want wadd kinda fxcking rubbish. haiis. all ii want is damn simple de lor. if uu're clever uu should knoe. zzz.
someMEsurvey.LAME-ness but imBORED. TIMEstarted 1810.
colour: orangePINKblackPURPLE. suits my mood.
Favourite food: cookiesANDcream.curry.
Favourite song: Where'd you go; FortMINOR. nowPLAYING.
Favourite movie: forgort. alort ba.
Favourite sport: sleeping. hahhs. is it even a sport?
Favourite season: autumn
Favourite day of the week: saturdays. cus ii go out with my friens mostly on sat
Favourite ice-cream flavour: cookiesANDcream
Favourite book: beCAREFUL wadd you WISH for.
Favourite manga: inuyashaa

Current mood: depressed? hahhs.
Current desktop: meANDviccs xDD
Current toe-nail colour: lightPINK
Current time: 1824
Current annoyance: HHIM.
Current thought: waLAOS.nv sms me dde.
Current boyfriend/girlfriend: HHIM lorr.
Current book you are reading: jiQIN's lianAInuWANGG.

First best friend: used to call her LIN.
First crush: some guy in my primary school.
First movie: forgort
First piercing: sec school bba
First lie: primarySCHOOL
First music: some OLD song
First car: few years later
First handphone: Nokia 3310

Last cigarette: HATEsmoke
Last drink: lemonTEA
Last car ride: TRAINride can? ytd. LRT.
Last crush: errrrs. forgort. HAHHS.
Last movie seen: kingANDtheCLOWN. niceMOVIE!
Last phone call: none.plugged out all phone lines.
Last CD played: panWEIBO's latest alubm

Have eu ever:
Dated one of your best friends?: nahhs
Broke the law?: yyeaps
Been arrested?: considered bba so yyeaps
Been on TV?: yyeaps = ="
Kissed someone eu din noe? nortPOSSIBLE.

3 things eu are wearing:
1. tee
2. shorts
3. specs

3 things eu can hear right now:
1. fortMINOR's; where'd you go?
2. outside the damnAUNTIE's watching tv
3. downstairs pp playing basketball. making some racket. = ="

5 things uu cant live without:
1. hhim.
3. handphone
4. music

Things uu do when eu are bored:
1. blogg
2. surf websites
3. write testimonials for pp
4. sms pp to go out

someLAME-ness. = ="