Sunday, March 15, 2009

Unhealthy food is always tastier

IT fair yesterday: Horrible crowds.

Step into Suntec: People.

2nd floor? People

And more people. What the!?

My bag was filled with junk papers. The day ended horribly, with a fucking stupid fight. It was so stupid I don't know why it even happened in the first place. And I insist (Up till now) that it was so not my fault.

We had lunch before the stupid fight occurred. It was a fattening, unhealthy, but good meal.

I had Salmon and Mushroom Baked Rice; he had Pineapple Seafood Baked Rice which was wasted cos he didn't appreciate the mussels. (He thought it was too chewy and soft and disgusting. As did I. Not a fan of them)

We had another unhealthy meal after the stupid fight. I have extreme loves for Takoyaki, everyone knows that.
It is fattening, and my favourite thing. (Would you look at the fish flakes and mayonise!)

Also to add is another unhealthy cheeeeeese fries. Cheese is unhealthy. AND fattening. (And not like I care)

And today is Sunday, where we randomly decide to make a dumpling feast.

Joel is deep-frying the dumplings while me and Hui stand far away (Yes, we're cowards like that HAHA)

We had deep-friend dumplings, soup based ones, and Mom's curry. (Mom's curry is the best, I swear. So were the dumplings though. Hm)
It was a fattening but FULL meal. (We ate at around 4plus, and now while I'm typing this, I'm still feeling the FULLness of it all)

After we ate our very filling lunch/ tea/ early dinner,


Do you know how many masks we used? Just ONE! :D
(Fine I know it doesn't cover my entire face, only my nose, lah)
(This is supposed to be a formal shot, hence the grouchy faces)

I was sworn to censor the photo or die. (Just kidding HAHAH)

That's why I say, fattening unhealthy food is always the best.
(Ugh Mom is being awfully irritating about her stupid show zzzz)