Wednesday, March 11, 2009

讨厌的/ Hate(s)/ 嫌い

  • People who don't read properly.
  • People who expect me to do their bidding just cos they're paying.
  • People who think customers are always right. Customers may be always right, but they aren't always right. Get it?
  • "I'm super keen but I have no cash at the moment (Add typical sad face icon), would you please give me a ____ discount? (Add puppy eyes icon)" (I'm sure for that ridiculous discount that I refuse to give you, you can buy a decent meal outside.)
  • Having to go to the doctor's again this week cos the stupid cream he gave (which is only the size of my little finger) is not healing me. This time I'm going to a female doctor. That male one gives me the creeps.
  • How I'm supposed to be saving but end up spending more. (Why are trips to the doctor even so expensive nowadays!?) I'm not even shopping online as much as I was!
  • Loading EIGHT parts of a video and when I'm about to press 'Play', Firefox suddenly hyperventilates and shuts down on me. "Firefox has shut down due to an unexpected error. We will try to restore your tabs.." (Will try!? I spent hours loading that 8 parts!!)
  • Starting the day off with such baddd events. Don't tell me I got off the wrong side of bed because the other side of my bed faces the wall so I only have one side to get off to. Alright!?
  • No, I'm sure this is not PMS.

And here is the random picture of the day. My breakfast. Today. Now.