Thursday, March 19, 2009

HTML is driving me nuts

This is today's random picture. My breakfast. I know I've been having fruits for breakfast lately. But they're good. Tasty. Nutritious.

This week's buys. The Cancer book's accurate in some parts, but the everyday forecast part is kinda rubbish LOL.
Me: Um dear, aren't they supposed to take the shoe hanger back you paid for them? I don't think you're supposed to bring it back home...
Darling: Since they give it to us, it means they want us to have it for free lor!

And this is Darling's present. Which I spent half an hour at the _____ at ____ choosing. So many people gave me weird looks ._.

This is my favourite potatoe chips. Ever.

I've been wanting to change phones since like forever. I like T303's design (It is awesome cos it can be used as a mirror. [I sound so bimbotic. Whatever] and it's hot pink!)
The memory's only 8mb though ._.

R306's awesome because it's a flip phone. I loveeeee flip-phones. It just feels cool using them. No idea why. This one's memory's 5mb.

My current phone. (Fine, not current. Since I've not been using it since it's battery died.)
It's memory? 470mb. And it's a 3G phone. (I know, wins the other 2 hands down. The other 2's memory added together doesn't even add up to 20mb LOL)

This is such a post full of rambling. (lol) Need to rest my eyes. Too much html for 5 hours my eyes are becoming (x_x)
(All thanks to this new blogskin)

(I still think guys are jerks. Why is it that you can't live with them, can't live without them? Gee.)
(Breakfast this Sunday with the besties, what are our plans after breakfast?)
(And finally, finally finally finally I will be meeting my four Otaku friendsxz next next Monday. Like after how many months!? [Um, with the exception for Greg] I hope we have fun! :)