Monday, March 23, 2009

Rolling on the bed.

(Random picture of the day: I'm making birthday cards today for all the March and April people..)

My "good friend" has paid me a visit. I feel giddy, tired, horrible and disgusted. (Hate how my face becomes when my "good friend" is here.)
I feel like rolling around on my bed. (Darling would know I always do that. The rolling thing.)

Darling and I went to watch 'My Bloody Valentine 3D' last Saturday. Really bloody indeed.
The guy who sat beside me (Eh, not refering to Darling, a random stranger) seemed more scared than I was. He was like, "Omigosh"-ing throughout the whole movie.
This is going to be my first, and my last M18 movie. No more blood and gory scenes please.
I had a nightmare about gas masks that night. (Darling of course you didn't know, you were sleeping like a pig.)
(However, I liked Jensen Ackles, he's cute. One of the leads of Supernatural. [Haha I'm so totally random.])

Haven't done this for a long time, have we Darling?

Sunday was breakfast with the besties.

We left to Hui's house after that and watched random movies and ate alot. In Hui's house there's never a shortage of food. =X

The ever fidget-y Yuki who will give you her puppy eyes look ._.

I just thought the color looks nice. The grapes. I liked how the border lined the green flesh. Haha, so random.

And I'm off to roll on my bed now. (Darling still hasn't told me his plans for this weekend.
I have no idea what we are doing, if we're going to his sister's party, or are we just rolling on our bed at home.)
(Though I've already bought presents for her anyway. Just not sure if it'll arrive on time.... -.-)