Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blogging in point form

(Random picture of the day: Bento for Darling! It's just bread and sausages wrapped in eggggggg)

Well I did mention you'll be seeing alot of pictures of the skies. This one's my wallpaper now :)
(Original size here)

(Original size here)

(I know my hair is messy. The person who cut my hair cut my fringe in a weird manner. ._.) So in a week,
  • I had a damn damnnnnn weird dream. With the weirdest person ever. Doing something I would never dream of with HIM. I hope I never meet him again. I won't know how to face him. (Bangs wall)
  • Doctor's on Monday. Weird doctor who kept rolling his eyes when he thinks. And whenever he does that you can see his eye whites. Gross. Says I have bad nutrition. WTF. Out of all the things I can have I have bad nutrition. WTFFFF!
  • My contact lens cleaning machine is dying on me :(
  • Xiaozhuuuuuu is coming this Friday and I'm not sure if I'm going. (Should I at least go to send him off or something? *Ponders)
  • Darling's birthday is coming and I'm going broke buying his present ._.
  • Maybe I should blog like this next time onwards.
And because even though we've distanced, I still miss you. Now, or in the future, you'll always, always be my dearest.