Friday, January 9, 2009

Fight! (Literally)

Random picture of the day! I drew it like eons ago, now it reminds me of Patapon. LOL.

I just suddenly realized how funny it is that me and my besties Joel and Hui,
despite knowing each other for dunno-how-many-freaking-years (4? Or 5? Or was it 6? LOL)
We actually don't have a decent picture of us 3 looking nice (Hui the ugly picture outside Giant doesn't count remove it remove it HAHA)
AND, even though we don't meet very often we can still maintain our friendship. How poweful is that?!
(Maybe, that's the power of true friendship. :)

(On a random note, we haven't gone to Giant in a long time, together, hor my dears? Heh)

On another random note, Darling and me had a fight today! And it literally turned into one. HAHAHA.
We ended in a tie! (*Flexes muscles) HAHAH! Never belittle a girl woman okay!

Here's some random sushi picture. Just because I feel like eating it right now. HAHA!