Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Winter solstice + Warehouse Sale (Loots!)

(Today's random picture)

It's 6 days to Toma's new drama: Voice! (Aha I'm so totally random)
Anyway, sorry Joel! I didn't know the mints tasted so horrible. HAHAHA.

Few weeks back, me and Darling headed to the Converse Warehouse Sales!
(At first when we arrived we were like lost I found the way in the end! Watashi! Me! )
It was quite crowded when we arrived, so we just walked around.
In the end we spent 4 hours in that warehouse, to spend time waiting for Darling's dad to come
and I swear our legs were almost breaking! Furthermore by 5 the crowd has swelled by so many times!
We had to keep saying 'Excuse me, excuse me!' every 2 steps we took
But, the sale had quite a wide range of things from Kappa, Everlast and Converse.
Some prices went as low as $10~

Total damage: $0. (Cos Darling's dad paid. LOL)
2 bags, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 tees, 2 socks, all under $150

Mine was only $19.90, it's made of rain-boots like material

Mom asked me to make tang yuan with her on the eve of 冬至 (Also known as Winter solstice)
The whole floor was a mess LOL! (Mom made the mess! Haha)

But Mom added too much water. It was so watery the shape became flattened even after you moulded it

Mom's uber hands! Hahah

Well I've to be getting ready now! Going to the National Skin Center later
(The rates look scary as seen from the webpage, lor!)

I think my new year resolution this year is not to be so tolerant of things.
There are so many things I've kept inside, not telling anyone, endured for a long time.
It's time things are said. (And I just wish I'll have the courage to tell her face to face. Would I?)