Thursday, January 15, 2009

Totally feeling TGIF!

(Random picture of the day! The tee says; "HUG me". Yes Darling, I'll hug you anyday :x)

Ah I'm so excited excited excited!
I've been waiting for this since forever!
Tomorrow you will know what's happening!
(Or maybe Saturday. Or Sunday. Or next week. HAHAHA)

Anyway here are some random pictures.. (Cos I'm random like that. Well my friends are random too. That's why I'm random. And rambling. LOL.)

(And yes my dearies, Ikea/ Giant this Sunday? Hahah)

I tried to cut my fringe the day before and cos I wasn't wearing my glasses the first snip was horrible.
The first thought that ran through my mind was "Oh f." (LOL)
Luckily, I managed to save things and now I look decent. (At least I think I look decent?)

I like shadows.

Okay my hand was in a weird position cos the bus was actually coming and I wanted to finish taking this shot. LOL.

Did I post this before? Can't remember. But I like these 2 pictures anyway.

Trying to act funny.


And now I'm going to go prepare I'm going outtttttt to get my favourite VIVI!
(And tomorrow csdnfusenke!!!!)

(That was just some random excited typing.)