Wednesday, January 7, 2009

♥ 916 days

We've been together for 1319040 minutes/ 21984 hours/ 916 days now.
It's funny how we click together just so easily, is it because we are so different yet the same?

We both have damn awkward poses when posing alone.

When we're tired, we get very easily irritated and we often fume silently, cursing each other under our breaths.

We love disturbing each other especially when taking pictures. ( @ this picture)

We love taking candid shots of each other!

He has long fingers like I have, but mine are a tad chubbier than his.
I eat less than he does but I'm fatter, he eats more than I do but he's thinner.
We're both introverted people around strangers.
I can withstand the cold, but not the heat, it's vice versa for him.
He's not a fan of reading, unlike me (To him, wall of text = damage 9999 to his eyes)

The list could go on and on, but I know during our future times together,
we will discover more quirks about each other that we can laugh about when we're old.

Happy 30th monthsary darling! :)