Tuesday, November 25, 2008


(Random picture of the day)

What has she become? The girl I once knew is so different from the one I know now.
Sometimes it's like things never changed one bit, the next she's a stranger.

The similarities, I can count with one hand, but the differences..
It's just different to an extent that I'm beginning to develop a dislike for her.

Do you ever, ever notice the awkward silences we're beginning to have?
We never used to have them.

This is probably the 324345465th time I've wondered about this this year.
Maybe to you, things have never changed. Maybe..

Because I love you so goddamn much and don't want to lose you,
I am burying everything inside my heart. I know you won't come here anyway.

(I shalln't continue anymore, Mom's at the POSB branch cos her card got 'eaten' up at the ATM,
& it's up to me to make sure lunch today is not burnt)