Sunday, November 16, 2008

The final(e)?

(Random picture of the day: Another random drawing! & my current love, Sudoku ^^;)
(On a random note, I'm the last person you would expect to like Sudoku, after all I did fail my Maths )

My dear sis Shimin and I headed to town last week for some shopping,
we shopped 6 hours in only half of Orchard (My legs almost died on me lol)
(Actually she did most of the shopping, everything I wanted wasn't available in my size)
When we first arrived there, there was this guy who approached us, and he said:
"Hi miss, do you know today is Mickey Mouse's birthday?"
Actually no, but I don't care if it is, I've never developed a liking for it anyway.
As my friends know, I like Eeyore waaaaaay better than Mickey.

Snacks at Crystal Jade, where the waitress miscalculated the total amount

I had a (slight) haircut the day before, and the hairstylist was quite annoying.
I told him, "Please cut my fringe and thin my hair, the weather's quite hot lately.."
His response, "Your hair so thin already still want to cut ar?"
I swear the tone he gave me was so (AND! He cut my fringe crooked )

Anyway, my fringe is finally shorter! (And I managed to save the crooked fringe myself )

But the stupid guy DID charge me $3 more than usual cos he said,
"Your hair length is longer than the normal hair length."

Anywaaaay. Yesterday me and Sis met up again!
We went to visit Grandma, cos it's been waay long since we met her.
Grandma (& Grandpa) were the ones who was with me when I grew up when Mom was working. Sometimes I feel guilty about not being able to visit her very often, especially when she does miss us alot, but from now on I will try my best to visit her every now and then.
(If she's not busy, that is! She has alot of activities planned every time, man she's even going to the Singapore Flyer with the CC [Community Center] group today!)
I want to be able to spend more time with Grandma, because I think that,
there are some things you can keep procastinating to the future,
but you'll never know if something unexpected happens and the things you want to do,
you'll have no chance to do it anymore cos
you'd have already lost your chance.

(Ah did that long sentence make sense? To put it short, maybe it's like, some things can only be done at a certain timing. Once past, you can never do it again, however much you want to.
Was it any less confusing? Gosh ^^;;;)

Ah today is a happy day I should stop the emotional crap! Stop it Liping! (*slaps self)

You can't see it from here, but my bagpack kept getting crooked.
Nevertheless, I still like it very much though!

I did this out of boredom, but Grandma seems to like it. I'm glad she does

Grandma cooked lunch for us! It's been so long since we ate her cooking..

Grandma's corridor has an amazing view that stretched to very, very far

Grandma! She keeps saying she's old and ugly but me and Sis don't think so

Grandma's face is so small me and Sis almost covered her face with our big faces LOL

I'm going to go develop this photo for Grandma and sis

Sis went on her date after that so it was home sweet home for me.
On a random note, while on the bus home, there was this guy sitting opposite me, he took my picture..
Even though I had my earphones plugged in, I know I distinctly heard the sound of a camera snapping a picture.
(I regconise the sound cos my SE phone makes the same sound when taking pictures)
It was a guy wearing a striking yellow/green long sleeved shirt. I wanted to ask him why,
but he got off when I was about to do so..
(Sis just texted me saying it may be a pervert -.- Thanks ar Sis, very reassuring of you)

I finally downloaded my Hana Kimi SP after 3 days of downloading the HUGEE 1.5 GB file.
I shall go fangirl-ing now, yay Nakatsuuu!

After fangirling tonight, I shall be an extremely happy, happy girl, cos it's today I see Darling! :)

(Random: I am feeling a weird sense of accomplishment after deleting 934 pictures from my computer!)

(Random no. 2: I am now on my 3rd bottle of herbal tea,
cos yesterday night when I awoke all of a sudden and sneezed, all that came out was blood,
AND it was from both my nostrils so I kinda freaked out abit lolllll)