Saturday, November 8, 2008

Countdown: fiveeee

(Random picture of the day: Some random drawing I drew lolol)

On a second random note, a happy belated birthday to dear Chong!
Stay happy with your girl, and let us meet her soon haha ^^

Caught the long awaited HSM 3 with Darling before he went off. I would say it was a 4.5/5?
The songs weren't as catching as the previous ones, but the choreography was amazing.
Not to mention the very cute Zac Efron was totally worth every penny of the ticket price!
He and Vanessa Hudgens make a really good couple, and it looks really fun,
to be a couple both in real and reel life. So sweet! :)

We went to Yishun's cinema to watch the movie, other cinemas were fully booked.
It was like snatching stuff in sales, had to be fast or it'll be gone~

We got this very darn cute pumpkin for the popcorn (It's now sitting on my living room table! :)

I think the day after the movie we went to Ikea, wanting to buy furniture but ended up buying cooking ware for Mom,
so now Mom has several new saucepans and utensils, and she's happy. :)

I just thought the clocks looked interesting.

The prints looked interesting too. And so was Darling, while studying the table. So cute, lah! :)

These are the boots Darling got for me, got them at only $15, what a steal!

Me: This would be a perfect wardrobe for me, sure enough to store every one of my stuff LOL!
Darling: ...

Ah and then.. It was the day Darling went off. We didn't expect his mom, grandma and sister to come,
we just coincidentally met them at the airport. It was funny, thinking back.

The floors were so shiny

Darling said to take a photo of his ticket cos he's never held one before. -.-

Darling's mom and sister took alot of photos ^^;

While this was the only sucessful photo me and Darling took

Apart from this where you can't even see our face -.-

Darling and his friends

Darling's grandma and his mom

And his lil sister who was very happy with the carebear Darling just bought her ^^;

I went out with Shimin last Saturday, we walked Orchard for 6 hours. Funny incidents,
but that's for another day ^^;

Helped a friend with her makeup on Halloween (Testing it on my leg first LOL)

Anyway I'm quite bent on making blogskins these days,
& after doing my own I went to do the blogshop's and this is the end result. (Well, partial of the end result, but you get the point.)
You do know that I like the model Shizuka, so that's why there's 2 of hers. HAHA.
Almost all of them are items I've ordered, or are selling them online. :)

The next one is doing one for Darling. Contemplating to do something similar to mine,
just with different pictures, but we'll see. Darling says he shall start blogging when he gets back!
I'll be his first very loyal reader! :) :)

P/s: What looks good by itself, may not look good on you. She just doesn't get the point. :)