Wednesday, October 17, 2007

WARNING: PICTURE-HEAVY! (& wordy & long post ahead)
More than a hundred pictures, leave this page to load & rot somewhere else please.
Lol! =X

Now here's a very interesting screenshot of a conversation I had with someone in MSN. (:
This guy's intentions are so obvious, do add him if you're like him! (:

Part 1 (Click for larger screenshot, opens in new window)

Part 2 (Click for larger screenshot, opens in new window)

Part 3 (Click for larger screenshot, opens in new window)

Had a total blast on Saturday with Darling at the zoo!
Aww, totally love him for bringing me there!
Though it rained & we had to wear ugly poncho's. HAHA.
& then we had to take it off & on constantly cos the weather was in a mood swing -.-"
I'm glad the drench was worth it & I got to see polar bears Inuka & Sheba!
Also saw leopards & surprising no mosquitoe bites at all! (:
Finished the zoo in 6 hours (though we left out 4 animals) & went off to meet piggy & Ken (:

Edited the pictures till I almost vomitted blood please! (A whole 200+!)
Reasons for poor picture quality are:
1) Bad weather conditions
2) Fatigued mind & body
3) Not enough lightning in some areas
Those who are interested in the full set of zoo pictures may email me! ^^




This is not a Flamingo! It's a bird that roamed around outside the Flamingo's enclosure. =D

So cute rights!

Endangered species =/

I forgot what this was, but it was ultra cute luhs!
It kept scuttling to & fro 2 rocks midst looking at me & Darling!
(Probably cos we were in weird poncho's. HAHA.)

Pygmy Hippo's

White Tigers! Pretty ones aren't they? (:
I think one of them was probably hungry already, kept on growling & pawing at the door!

You can see Darling from here. LOL. =X

Lazy Kangaroo. Only saw one or two due to bad weather =(


Forgot this poor animal's name, but I remembered Darling scared it with a 'OEI!'
& it scuttled away T-T

Emo Orang Utan =X

Um, blur picture. Butbut, the Orang Utan was holding the zoo keeper's hand!
Extremely cute I tell you!
The zookeeper went to press some button or something & all the Orang Utans climbed down from the trees
& obediently followed the zookeeper to their enclosure!
Holding each other's shoulders! (2 holding the zookeeper's hands)
So cute laaaaa!

The stand blocked it, but they were holding hands! Awwww~

Darling insisted I take a photo so I took one. HAHA.
This is Ah Meng! ^^

Darling & I presumed this one was Ah Meng. Presumed luh.
It was looking kinda lonely though. Poor thing =/

Cute rights!?

Leopard Cat

Giant Turtlessss

It's a quite disgusting feeling to know the croc is staring at you right in the eye
like it wants you for dinner (Even though you're being protected by the glass)

Look at it's teeth @.@


Darling took this insisting he wants the "cute" face of the fishy.

Miniature Ponies! (:

Clever Chimpanzees, can you see the way they huddled midst the rain? (:

Proboscis Monkeys (:


Beetles =S

Coconut Crab or something. I know it lives on fallen coconuts T-T

Cockroches. & LOADS of cockroaches.
Got 3453464756786 goosebumps after this picture, UGH~!

Bats & .... Something. I'm sorry la, can't remember!


Leopard. Or Jaguar. (They were lying opposite each other on different trunks)
It was lying there lazily in the rain refusing to move.

Look at how freaking FAT this phyton is! Scary eh!

This cute 'lil fellow made me stand in the rain taking it's pictures for dunno-how-long cos
it just wouldn't let me a take a frontal shot!

Snapping Turtle.. Or something -.-"

Lion! Lion! Lion! Lion! Lion! Lion! Lion! Lion! Lion! Lion! Lion!
Sorry I get excited randomly xD


False Gavial

*Note to self:
PLEASE prepare own water for Zoo cos a simple bottle of mineral water cost about $2.
A bottle of Pink Dolphin cost about $3.
& Potato Chips cost $3 per packet -.-"

Darling promised to bring me there again, & we shall go to the Night Safari the next time too!
&&, also Jurong Bird Park! Aww, how sweet can he get?
He's also gonna bring me overseas in December!
He says he's willing to spend any amount just to see me happy, aww! ;)
This silly boy just melts my heart luhs! ♥

Dinner with piggydaring & Ken was quite fun overall (:
When we first met them Darling & me were like living corpses cos we were so tired from the zoo!
Walked alllllll of Ang Mo Kio for somewhere to eat dinner.
Darling & I sneaked off halfway to buy piggy a 'lil cake (:
Piggy was so surprised! & to think Darling was the one who suggested it! (:
Due to piggy being too hungry she gobbled the cake without taking a picture of it, haha =X
Walked 45412685665 km & ended up at a kopitiam where Ken ordered LOTS of food ._.
After Ken & piggy finished Darling & I were still eating the leftovers T-T
(There were alot left! & Darling didn't like to waste food so we kept eating T-T)
Meanwhile, Ken was 自导自演-ing a weird uncle in another corner of the shop,
calling him Noodle-King aka Mian Wang -.-"
Laughed so hard Darling almost choked!

Headed to arcade after that & my Darling & piggy scored 200+ on the basketball machine!
Piggy & I were just simply addicted to it! (Burns excess fats, haha)
After me & Darling played a final round & we finally cabbed home! (:

Pieces are missing cos piggy used her hands to eat!
"Piggy, you can try to be more unglam on your birthday dinner please!" --> Exact words by me =D

Kangkong! My favouriteee! (:

Tofu in HUGE pieces that no one finished.

Mai Pian Prawns.

Sneak picture of us by piggy! Omgosh, I look so like I'm poking my rice.
Actually, I was. LOL.

& so yesterday me & Joel went to get a cake for Huidarling's birthday today! (:
Wanted to give her a surprise @ 12am, so we bought a cake & went off to Joel's house to rot first. HAHA.
Talked alot, & Joeldear, don't worry so much uhs! (:
I'm sure you'll be able to do well & a bright future will be there waiting! (:
Have more self-esteem please! (:
Whenever you need me, I'm just a sms away uhs! Love ya! (:
Anywaayyyy, sms-ed Hui a tad earlier than expected & asked her to open her front door,
& ta-daa~ The cake was there on her doorstep!
First thing we heard was, "Mum, look there's a cake!"
Heh! =P
Hope you like the surprise darling!
Happy Birthday! (:

Cos Time will prove it all. I miss you already,