Friday, October 26, 2007

- LOL~ It's actually very small dearie =X I think you'll be quite dissapointed with the actual size =X
; しろ-(:
- Waa I admire that you can live without TV @.@ Haha, thanks =D
- Hello to ya too! ^^
- Heh, no problem! ^^
Jes ♦:
- You're welcome (: & Thanks! ^^
- Linked ya up! ^^
- No problem sweetie (: Btw, linked ya! (:
- Haha, will try that out next time ^^ & Thanks (:
- Lol, so you stay so near me!? I didn't know =x I stay near CHIJ, the school there! ^^
- Er, my eyes aren't big la, haha I use Canmake Eyeliner, you can try too ^^
- LOL~ Really? I also dunno, I use Firefox & see is no problem de =X
- Haha, linked ya up sweetie! ^^
- Hahah, next time maybe take LRT will see you around, since we stay so near (:

Byebye to my long awaited rebonding, Hello Genting! ^^
The long awaited trip overseas with friends has finally arrived! (:
I'll be off to Genting with piggydarling, Greg, & Ken in Nov!
(Which means more money to save & hence, byeeeee to my rebonding T-T)

Anyways changed a new blogskin! (:
If there's anyone who is unable to see the new skin correctly tag me! ^^

(P/S: Entry started @ 16.37 but I have no idea wtf is wrong with my internet connection hence this entry was only completed @ 22:07 -.-")

Friday, 19 October 2007

Pictures for dinner with piggydarling & Ken as stated in last post (:
Location: Seafood Harvest(Which is under Jack's place) @ Bugis (:
Service there was pretty good, piggydarling treated us to dinner & it cost $69+ @.@
Love ya darling! ^^

Asked for a cup of warm water & they give me this teensy cup of boiling water.
Me & piggy's expressions were like, @.@"

Piggy's soda or something. Such pretty colors (:

Piggy & Ken's Crayfish with Chicken/Beef (:

My Fish & Chips (:
Didn't like it much though =/

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Went to Dhoby Ghaut with Darling (:
Wanted to catch a movie but there were no nice movies so ended up walking around aimlessly =X
Went for dinner @ Pizza Hut where a caucasian & his son cut me & Darling's queue! Grrr!
(Because they cut the queue, we were made to walk around Plaza Singapura for one more round cos of insufficient seats!)
#@$@#%#%^%&^*& !!

Mushroom Soup (:
Soup was pretty thick & nice!

Fries (:

Fish O's

Hawaiian Pizza! Favouriteeeee (:

Look at the cheeseeeeee on that! @.@ (& all the fats, too -.-")

Darling got me flowers! ♥

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Went to TTS with Darling to take MC as he was sick (:
Met his friend there & they took such a long time inside the doctor's!
(Saw 2 corpses there -.-")
After that went to walk around at Novena & spent moneyyyyy again =/

Had lunch there at the Kopitiam @ TTS ^^

Eeyore & lollipop's he bought (:

Pasta I cooked for us before sending Darling off! ^^

Other Random's (:

Lava lamp Darling left at my house (:
It's only for decoration purposes cos it doesn't give out much light, haha -.-"

Jay's new album pre-order started!