Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hahah, sorry but I'm really kinda obsessed with the plaster on my face!
Can't help cam-whoring even with a plaster =X

Went job-scoping & ended up at This Fashion/COAX (Either one, forgot which)
where the person who kinda "interviewed" me was wayyyyy weird.
Me: Hi, you guys are looking for a sales assistant right?
Weird Woman with weird accent: Yes, but 18 & above.
Me: I'm 18 already.
Weird Woman with weird accent: I don't want student.
Me: But I'm not studying already.
Weird Woman with weird accent: (*Shakes head & walks away)

Nuffnang has decided to place ads to my blogs! (*Celebrates & goes crazy)
Please help & visit my blog(s) more often! =X
14 Oct 2007 to 20 Oct 2007 - STB Project Postcards Campaign
21 Oct 2007 to 27 Oct 2007 - Nike JDI2
For (blogshop)
14 Oct 2007 to 20 Oct 2007 - Nike Plus Promo
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Found this web Monoface,
where you can make different facial expressions they provide you with!
It's fun to kill boredom like this,but gets boring in awhile =X
Here are some of my creations =X

This is why I would never go hungry.

Anyway, today's Joel's Birthday, so,
I may have sms-ed you late, but I won't forget your birthday de!
Study hard & employ me please, HAHAH. (Joking uh)
All the best for A's, I know you can do it!
Love yaaaa!

Piggy's birthday is coming right up & I went to get her present today!
It's a goodie bag consisting of 3 parts, all of which I'm sure she'll loveeee! (:
Gave Part I to her today, that cheered her up instantly & she gave me a hug in the MRT! =X
Part I was a brown patent bag she's wanted for quite long,
as for Part II & III, heh =D
Dinner with piggy & Ken & Darling tomorrow, hope everything goes fine!

This is what I wore for that job interview last Thurs.
& yes, those who are concerned about me getting it, don't worry cos I didn't get it.
(This must be the happiest thing you guys ever heard right, haha)
MSN me if ya wanna know what happened! (:

Words are not enough to describe my yearnings for you.