Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This game's just too cute to resist! :X

This website is worth

What is your website worth?

Random picture from here!
Lol, so funny ehs!

The Hungry Ghost Festival just started this week! =/
Anyone has any "encounters" yet?
The only encounter I had on the day it started was
my internet AND game going bonkers on me :(
Now I can't even login into the game&darling's bored stiff at my house!
Couldn't even download new ones either, because of the unstable internet connections! Zzz! :(

I've decided firmly to be a better girlfriend!.
That's my (belated) birthday resolution until next year!
I promise myself, I'll be better towards darling&towards myself,
so as not to have any regrets in the future (:
(&&of course, to my friends' who've been so good to me ^^)

(This is damn random, but anyway!)
It's dedicated to my dearest piggysweetie! (:
We've known each other for 4 - 5 years now! (:
You never fail to bring me smiles when I'm down,
you're the one that's by my side whenever I need someone,
&I love you for that (:
I do dream about us growing up&having kids,
my kid calling you 'Godma'&vice versa, like sincerely!
(Although Mr. Right's face is still a blank to us :X)
Welllll, anyway I just wanted to say, "I love you sweetie!" (:
You'll always be my BFF :D

I gave darling 7 kisses yesterday&he said he locked the kisses up.
I asked him where he was going to keep them locked up =/
He points to his heart.
&I asked him, "How long are you gonna keep them locked?"
He told me for a long long time.
"How long is a long long time?"
"A long long long long time, until the time we die."
My heart really skipped a beat when I heard that, it's like,
awwws! It's a feeling I can't put into words luhs
I swear I'm loving him more everytime!

Click for actual size please!
Random wallpaper by yours truly
Brushes from here, as always.

Okay, getting waaaaay too early.
Need to head to bed now!
Tags to be replied next time, hahahaha