Sunday, August 26, 2007

Personal DNA Report: Generous Artist

If you shop online for instocks,
beware of this web! (As seen from here!)
Bad service, low quality items, a disgrace to blogshop owners! =/

Anyways it's decided.
Me & Piggysweetie, we're gonna hold sprees (:
So far what's in our lists are Baimomo & Kike Club ^^
I can't wait!

Er, is it just me or is my blog quite laggy currently?

Dad brought these cute tako-shaped cookies home!
So cuteee luhs!
There's ones with angry faces, happy smiling faces, sad faces!
& they're tasty too!

I'm slowly counting down, till the final goodbyes.
You know I'll miss you so.

I've always knew you won't.