Monday, August 6, 2007

I am DAMN pissed off with a buyer whose name is Kendra.
Not only because she has an attitude problem ,
She had a "sudden briefing"&she didn't even bother to tell me about it
&I was waiting there like a fool ! Urgh !
I HATE HATE HATE this kinda buyers !

She made me late for my other meetup too -.-"
Thank goodness this pretty girl didn't mind&& !
She always gives me surprises when I'm buying from her !
This time ,she gave me a tube dress (worth $15 on her blog)
when I bought a pair of $15 skinnies from her blog .
Such a nice girl rights ?
I've always knew pretty girls have pretty hearts (:

I decided the navigational blogskin was kinda irritating
hence I changed it again to a half-navigational one .
LoL :X

Sigh ,originally wanted to go to NDP
with piggysweetie ,Ken (Her boyfriend) ,Chong&Greg !
But Chong&Greg had no interest (apparently ,cos they took 2DAYS to reply me)
Ken was working&only piggysweetie said okay! (Only cos she didn't want me to be alone ,awws)
Awws now it's only me&Darling !
So no fun luhs ! :(
Don't get me wrong ,it's just that on a festive (kinda) day ,
isn't it meant to be the livelier the better ? :(

I finally got my long-awaited bikini from my VIP Online spree but!
The straps behind are too loose/big &I'm still pondering whether to wear it or not =/
Awws ,I had such a tough time waiting for it
&&the weather nowadays are just so nice for the beach ! :(
But if I wear it I might suffer the possibility of zao-gang -.-"
SIGHS ! -.-"

I'm kinda hyper cos I posted a secret on Sgsecrets
&people gave me answers that consoled me !.
Alot. (:

"Happiness can be shared easily but not sadness..
If one is willing to share ur sadness with you,
that person should be the one to spend your life with.. "