Wednesday, August 22, 2007

一人一半, 感情散。
已经找到, 为何要分开

人类是租户 却是礼物 哪怕物归原主

It won't kill you to just listen to these MV's!
They will leave you addicted, like me! :X

*Picture credits to here (:

881 The Movie - 4.5/5
Watched 881 today (:
I'm totally in love with the songs, &I'm heading to buy the OST tomorrow!
(Cos I couldn't find it available for download :X)
The whole movie was really touching, &I almost teared. (Well I did say almost)
The chicken Guan Ying was holding was like, so obedient luhs!
Aww, when he sold the chicken away it was so like,
, I don't wanna let him go, but ..
Shall not elaborate further&let you peeps watch for yourself!

Mum, me&darrrrrrling's.

Plaza Singapura

I wore my 3-inch heels out today,
&I freaking swear my feet went DEAD.
Those people who wear 3-inches everyday,
you guys are my freaking idols!

I'm so tired of putting a smiling face&holding back my tears.
Tag repliesss
♥ Chuchin:
Lol, found them one by one, upload, &use accordingly!
Lol, sounds like recipe for cooking liddat =X
♥ Graciie:
Hello! Haha, it's been awhile yea (: I like my blogskin too! :X