Thursday, April 26, 2007

yays !saw an online shop holding the exact shoe spreeee i wanted !!boots here i come !hurhurs (:
(in case anyone's interested ,link )

anw am gna order some instocks from Taiwan/Korea/Hongkong over&sell them on our blogshop ^^
am gna apply for a card with piggydarling sat (:
anyone wna buy anything ? ((:

bought sooo many things lately ,it's time to earn back my capital !hurhurs !

greg ,dont even start telling me about your polylife .yes im glad you're having fun but fucking stop rubbing salt into me&piggy's wounds .before we BITE .

emailed the person regarding this dresssss (: &im so hoping it's not sold !i'll cry if it is .LOL .

credits to here

credits here
just one of the MANYMANY boots im eye-ing .

i think my blog's becoming's more of my wishlist/wants rather thn a blog .hurhur !

okays ,off to sleep ! 7:33am in the morning ,when my darling's alrdy sleeping at 3.30am .without me ! LOL .tata ppl ! ((:

my babyboy ,iloveyoumorethnwordscansay.
mybabybaby ,stay&i'll make it worthwhile <3

p/s: chuchin ,you meant the spring beauty/?[i forgot the name ] one ?the one with the pink cap ar ?LOL