Friday, April 6, 2007

im bored ,im VERY bored .hence decided to blog .

last few days went "camping" at my darling's house .rotted at his home for sometime&came back today cos have to go bai4 my grandfather tml .

btw ,appeal failed ,fullstop end of story . FUCK . am gna find a private school or something now (:

this saturday's me&darling's 9months ,hahaha (: time flies so fast ..all the silly things we've done ,all the memories we've created ..i wont forget ,but i will remember (:

so looking forward to next wed !midnightsafari/lucificans outing !wahahaha =.=" but we havent decided where to go zzz =.="

random pictures .

fake eyelashes i bought from online ! one stil got glitter one ! so pretty =DD

told ya i was obsessed with checkered .hahaha



ishouldntthinksomuchishouldntthinksomuchishouldntthinksomuch .
i will stay happy & smile & pretend that im so happy .
i will smile & not cry even though my heart is ripping inside .
i will continue to laugh even though i know my tears are brimming .
i will i will i will .
because of you ,i will .
just promise you wont break my heart ,please ?

april: hahah ,guess ? ^^
hui: aiyo darling ,wo mei shi der la [: thanks dear ! ((:
joel: erkk ,u wna go sms me lar .u come here tag how i know T.T
daiis: Lol ,where notti ?i very nice der =X if i pay for the bear ar will (faint) bah haha .anw the bus also no have ppl =X
chuchin: LOL !love your kiss .hahah if u type that so gay =X ppl think i kiss yoooou =X
xlamb: hahah !cute riiiiiights =X lol ,i like it ALOT too ! ^^ yay so looking forward to next week [:
Vanessa&Pakling: ((= welcomewelcome luhs [: you 2 like jiu hao ! ^^