Saturday, March 31, 2007

dont even start talking like you know what's gna happen between me&him .

you dont . D-O-N-T !

he's going to army ,im still gna stick with him NO MATTER WHAT,thats MY business ,who are you to ask me break up with him ?!just because you "like" me? which part of I AM NOT GOING TO DO THAT dont you understand ?please lar ,you're already 22 ler ,stop being so fucking childish can ?!

i CANNOT believe we were friends for so long le yet you cannot understand such a simple reason why .
the reason is love ,stupid .

i love him so i will NEVER break up regardless of whether he's going for 2 years or 20 years .

i will forgive ,but i wont forget .
ima typical cancerian .
but if you continue to do this i will delete you off my phone&MSN list .i fucking swear .


to others: erkks ,sorry for the many vuglarities .tags replied next post .
&& ,new skin !! ^^ amhappyamhappyamhappy aboutmynewskinhahahaha comments earthlings !

off to sleep ! [:
yes ,at 6.37am in the morning ^^