Tuesday, March 6, 2007

fcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcuk . i fcukingfcukinHATEthat girl !!grrr =x
okays im feeling better now =x esp after all the FCUKs esp . hahaahah =x

been travelling all over the place lately T.T my adult fareeeee ! >=(

todays the posting for the JAE results .all i can say, FCUKIT . =xx i got into the same course with PiGG but it wasnt the damn course we wanted to get into .we originally wanted to go study in MDIS ,but where the heck am i gonna come up with 6k$ sia ?! zzz-ness ]]=

went to Vivo last week to catch Norbit with my darling .was his treat ! hahaha =x Norbit was preeeety lame but funny .the woman was too fat to fit into the car&she demanded her husband tell her the car was shrinking O.o" LOL .

some random picturessss ,

the weather was so nice&windy that day ! ^^

but i had kneelength socks on so couldnt get into the water T.T

my darling took this pic=D

saw some cute cuckoo clock at the window displays there .so cuteeee !

while staying at my darlings house we cooked spaghetiiiiiiii ! (((x
with ALOT of sauce =x

我听到了 我听到你说我爱你了 ((:
am anticipating tml ! cos tml is me&my darling's 8MONTHS ! o(*^-^*)o

daiis: lorr ..that's expected de can ~lalala =x LOL now my nails no more colorful le ! hahaha =) takecares girl(:
minz`: relinked !(:
-xlamb-: LOLOL !got la got la nvr MIA !i still here !i nowadays online also nvr see dao xlamb/xbear can ?! even the xhorse also nvr see dao T.T
chuchin: everyone call me PiNGPiNG =.=" like call xiaomeimei that kind =x i love my song too ! LMAO !sorry havent do the thingy for you ar =xx
xbear: lOls ,make sure you do whatcha say kk ! lalalala~ relinked !(:
april: stop flooding T.T && dont think i dunno u take my photo put in friendster =XX hohoho~