Tuesday, March 27, 2007

because this blog is so dead ,i've decided to close it down .


LOL ,im kidding .just kinda bored&lazy to update luhs .BUT ! since today is a special occasion shall update ! ^^

last week:
went to Yishun to meet this girl for a swap .swapped a VERYCUTE&BIG Teddy !LOL when i was carrying it to my darling's home so many ppl was looking at me T.T thn when i went back home the bear by itself occupied ONEWHOLESEAT on the bus .big butt =X darling said i should have paid another ticket for the bear =.="

Jeffery's birthday !
but went to meet WEICHONG&my darling PIGGY !finally went out together with weichong ^^ wanted to watch movies but nothing caught our eye so we went to Kbox after buying presents for my darling's birthday [: i bought him lighters !since he likes collecting them .Greg met us at Kbox &i met Jason working there (: had some majorFUN-ness with them ^^ but the place was so cold we kept going to the toilet&the machine kept jamming T.T

Chong&Piggy in a emo mood cos no tickets T.T

PIGGYdarling&me [:

Chong&me ^^

Greg&Weichong singing Duet =X LOL,JKK ! chong dont kill me =X

i have some more retarded pictures of weichong ,but i don wna be KILLED just yet [:

today's my darling's birthday !! ^^ i went out with my mom to NTUC to buy some ingredients to cook a simple meal for him at early noon ^^ after that we prepared ourselves & went to watch Mr Bean's Holiday [: was rather funny ,it made me sympathise with what bad luck he ran into .hahah =X but it lacked the TEDDY Mr Bean usually carried around with him =[ that was the only disappointing part .i'll give it a 3.9/5 ? after that we shopped around at Plaza Sing&bought TAKO home !~ darling said he likes the tako there so will buy it next time again ^^

this is Part III of his birthday present [: see this 2 page got so many XIAOZHU can .hahaha =XX

btw ,found this fun site on SGclub [:
find out when you'll die ! LOL =X

according to that i have 26078 days, 17 hours, 16 minutes, 45 seconds more to live [:
so i'll die on Aug 21 2078 .LOL

another 71more years to go !

april: LOL ,first time i hear you say im pretty lei .must take ScreenShot ! =X that girl ar ,attached ler also ...... hahah you know luhs hor =]
xbbear: LOL ! (faint) nonono ,the taggy nvr miss you !~ is i miss you more ! =X lols~
sabiina: haha ,like me =X you takecare too ! ^^
chuchin: lOl ,that avatar/name thingy ,you all like jiu hao ^^ next time i nothing to do make more LOL =X
joel: ..... (faints) yala yala got glitter one can =.="
Winnie: LOL !is okay he's been whacked =X you takecares ! ^^
miNz: SUN NU ! [: sorry for not making it to the chalet =X i miss you too [:
x`lamb: hohoho ~ lamb understand me the most ! =X i wna go out with ya guys tooooo !but when you all free T.T
graciie: (waves) hellohellos graceeee ! lol =X


my darling ,happy birthday [:
iloveyouMANYMANY ! :)

argh ,fcukyoular! like who are you to say "muackiies" to him ?note ,he's mine ,damnit !
if you cherished him in the first place this wouldnt happen !
go back to ur bf lurh ,cos i BITE ! >=[