Wednesday, March 14, 2007

appeal results are gonna be out next week &im freaking scared i cant get in the course i want =[
if i dont ,whats gonna happen ? ]]=

啊 … unhappyunhappy ,am VERY unhappy )=

few days ago some irritating bitch person added me on MSN&said ,
"Hey bitch ,you think you're so pretty ?
guess what ,you're just a ^%%#$%@#$@#%" (some kinda shit i forgot)
all i did was "who the fuck do you think you are ?FUCKOFF !" &i blocked her =))
think she's kinda mad ,adding people&"talking" to them like this .
think im so easy to bully ?DONTEVENTRY .[:

went to dhobugaught today to met a buyer (: she was the first one i met so far who wasnt late ,hahaha =x thn shopped alone&bought fake eyelashes which i havent figured out how to put on . =x shopping alone is an ULTIMATE bore .will not shop alone again .willnotwillnotwillnot !

after that met my darling PiGG to go home together .as usual ,crapped laughed bitched & gossipped [[: i love her TONS cos she's the only one who understands me the most (=

when i was going home met my dear HUi !omg ,havent seen her for 2165265 years ler [= the moment i saw her i was like O.O is HUI lei !? pity we didnt have time to talk much cos she was going out (: awwws miss her ! ]=

last week went to Haw Par Villa with my darling for our 8months aniversaryyyyy ^^ the whole place was so dusty&old ,LOL =x but i had fun &at the end of the day we were soooo tired ! i love him LOADS (:


some sweets my darling bought for me (:

hahahaha =x as usual ,zi lian ! =X

i change because of you ,everything i do is for you .why cant you understand ? ]=
the fact that i spent so much is just because i just wanted to look good infront of you ,so that you would love me more that wrong ..?

i cant understand why my tears are falling so so fast ..FUCK
on a very random note ;i think Greg's gonna forget me&xiaoPiGG once he goes to Poly .like reeeeeaaally .it's a intuition(is that how you spell it ?) .awws ,losing another friend ,how nice .i dont have much friends anyway ,hahahaha .whatever .

april: lol i think now you can continue flooding my tag since it's so empty T.T i know how you feel la ,dont be so *&%^&%&$% okays (: everythings gonna be okays ! 只要笑一笑,没什么事情过不了!
chuchin: what are friends for rightsss (: LOL the wishlist still got some is not canceled de la ,& i lazy to add new one anyway =x is Appeal for ite course to work ,not for work my dear (: hahaha (:
xlamb: LOL xlamb !!just as i update u come to tagggggggg !i nvr MIA ,only that MSN makes my comp lag so i nvr go in .. =XX yayayay ,i sooooooo long nvr see dao that horse on MSN/blog/anywhere le =.=" he MIA the longest de ! =xx