Monday, February 5, 2007

wtf is wrong with my internet connection .keep dcdcdc until i #$R%#$%#^@#@! want to reply email or whatever also like fcuk liddat . argh ! >=(

anyways .results are gonna be out this friday . HAHAHAH .whatever .

i cant log in to friendster .blame the internet connection .

i got hit by my mom & i bled in the process . owwws .

LOLS .it was an accident luhs .cos my darling was trying on a ring i bought for him ,it ended up being stuck .thn my mom came in to help pull the ring out .when she pulled ,her hand hit my mouth & i bled T.T all i can say is ,very PAIN lei ! staying away from softdrinks&my favourite curry is most TONGKU one .

my darling is VERY pre-occupied with his game lately .i sleep he wake up ,i wake up he sleep .LMAO .netherless ,istilllovemydarling! (((:

my hands looks loooooooooong here .hahah =xx
anyway the main focus is my colourful nails ! =DDD

extremebusy-ness ~

weees ,9 days to Valentines ! (((: && 13days to my angbao $$ ~! =DDD shoppingspreeeeeees !

chuchin: LOL ,all either buy le never wear or no wear le de .SEC0NDS- cos is 2nd-handed ma =DD && .i MASS-ADVERTISE .wahahaha =DD
-xlamb-: LOLOL ~! xiexie xiexie =DD ehhhs ..later no one want to be my friend >~<"
joel: what stuffs you wanna sell seh ?! lOl ,gimme i sell for you lorr .hahaha
april: yuppppppps .i saw the news .freakingfast ! T.T