Wednesday, February 14, 2007

i know my hair is messy .

wellsssssssss ,tml is Valentines ! (okay luh the time im typing is already considered the day itself) umhs ,i have no accurate plans yet actually .but i think im going out with my mom thn my darling (who is again sleeping on MYBED now) all i ask for to happen tomorrow is ..

i just want to receive a SiNGLE stalk of rose ! i wanna be the FiRST girl to receive roses from him . =xx

that's not too much to ask for riiiiiiiights =DD Februry 14 is me&my darling's 7th month's 7th day together le . =xx

hehs ,anw .my O lvl results are CRAP ! scored EXACTLY the same as last year ,omg waste $$ =_______=" registered for Hospitality Operations for Higher Nitec & Tourism for Nitec ,see which one i get in bahs ((: but please please please let me get into the small course as xiaoPIGG lahs !dont wanna be alone ):

gahs ~ang baos ang baos ~weeeeeeeees ! (自high中) maybe it's too early ,but im already planning how to use my angbao money .LOL ! =xx

ahh ,back to "work" ! ((:

HAPPY VALENTINES TO EVERYONE ! ((: hope all couples last long long long long together ! ((:

some old picture of my&my darling making stupid faces .LMAO .

我相信 ,因为还有你在我的身边…


i want to seek solace .. the solace given from the silts of my penknife ..
sometimes i just think your game stands the first place in your heart ,not me ..

tagsssss =D
xlamb :LOL ~!but i go in you graduate le bahs ~or we study different school luhs lamb ! LOL my course in Clementi leiiiiiiii =xx anw ,thank you for the GOODLUCK ! though i still going to ITE . LOLOL ! =xx
chuchin :some of the shops they got links rights ,you ask them link you ! ((: &&&& .alot is swapped de ,i dont make as much money as you think luhs LOL
april :my dear ,i nvr die yet kkk hahah see me on MSN everytime still ask me where i go ~ =xx lalalala