Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday and H1N1

So. It's been confirmed Darling's not free on my birthday. How nice. Nicest thing? He said (quote),
"So what if you're spending your birthday alone? It's only a birthday. I too, was alone on my birthday."
Alone? I don't think being in camp meant you were alone. What, the tens of people in your bunk weren't counted as humans to you? Alone. Pffffft. They even bought you a cake for crying out loud!
(I know it's not his f-ing fault but I can always grumble right? However if he brings up this invalid point again I swear I'll combust)

[Edit] Another nice thing happened! Guess what? There are < 7 people diagnosed with H1N1 in his camp.
Increasing number by the day. He may not book out until the 30th.
And when he does he is (probably) gonna be sent straight to his deployment which he will stay in for a week or less.
Darling's pretty irritated with the first guy who got down with H1N1 in his camp because it was said that the said guy already kinda knew he had H1N1, yet returned to camp, only telling people about his sickness the day after.

(This week's been nothing but nonsense.)[/Edit]

Off to happier things. If you haven't got me anything at all:
  • Book(s)
I'm very random when it comes to books. Romance, horrors, thrillers, I read almost anything, but buy me something that I'm not even remotely interested in, I won't even touch it. Best way: Get me a voucher for the bookstore LOL.

  • Aquapix: Underwater camera
(Here) A want more than a need, but whatever. It's my birthday list right?

  • Black or Grey Strappy, chunky heels
3" height is the maximum I can go, any higher and I'll probably get killed.
I'm a local size 38, US Size 7 - 7.5, insole 24.5cm! (There all the details you'll need)

  • Nitendo DSi
  • Canon 450D (Hahaha I have to admit how can anyone possibly get this for me?)
Get me some happy pills while you're at it, I seem to lack them lately.

P/S: I really hope Shaoye won't get quarentined or something since he's returning from China. If not all I can do for my birthday is mope around at home doing this: