Tuesday, June 23, 2009


(Random picture: Nowadays I keep doodling on all the bottles in the house LOL.)

I always believe in myself. Because if there's one person in this world you can trust the most, that is yourself. Therefore if I think I'm not in the wrong, I will not apologise regardless of the consequences.
Vice versa, if something happens and I realize I might be in the wrong, I will not hesitate in an apology.
I stand quite strong in what I believe in.

I do not need everybody to understand what I do, how I think, how my mind works.
No, not everyone. Just the few that matter to me, I just need them to understand.
Sometimes, even if they don't.. I'll always have myself.
As long as I understand myself, believing in myself.

I may not have much self-esteem, but regarding my beliefs, I have afew.
'Forever' does not exist. I believe in that, hence I don't use the word unless necessary.
Years, decades, centuries may exist, but not forever. Nothing lasts forever, and that is a truth.
I am not being a pessimist or a 'glass-half-empty' person, (To say the truth, I am a 'glass-half-full' kinda person) but just stating my beliefs.

I shall abruptly end this entry here. Just some food for thought I suppose. Birthday list post up next :)