Tuesday, July 7, 2009


If you didn't know, I've always thought 7 was my most favourite (and lucky) number.
(The exact time I'm typing this now is 7am, can it get any more coincidental?)
Whenever anyone asks me for a number, I'll always say 7 in a heartbeat.

I've always thought it was amazing that we have 7 days in a week or why Snow White had 7 dwarves. (Lousy example, but whatever. Check Wikipedia for more!)
7 has always held something in my heart. Not alot, but not a little either, something.
Like how there are 7 friends in this world I would trust my life with, how I've got 7 cousins, and how I know there's 7 people I can always talk to when I'm not feeling the best.

Today, marks the 3rd year Darling and I have been together since, so happy anniversary my baby. 3 years, eh?
Pretty much my longest relationship so far, and his too. :)
Make sure you hold up your promises when you come back eh! :P

Today, is also my birthday, so.. Happy Birthday, me.
You've finally aged and reached the big 2-0. Saying goodbye to the '1', it's time to grow up of your childish self!
(Cue sad face)

My 7 friends: Baby, Piggy, Joel, Hui, Greg, Chong, Shaoye,
you people are the bunch that stuck with me, listening to me whine and complain while time passes us by.
You guys are the bunch I know I can always trust regardless. Though sometimes I do wish we didn't have to grow up so fast.
Time, sometimes distance people. I don't like the idea of that, I hope all of us can remain as close-knitted as we were, because I love you all the same, no matter how much time has passed.
Once my bestie(s), forever my bestie(s). Of course, that is how I think, but I just felt a need for you guys to know. :)

(This is beginning to sound like a farewell letter instead, what have I just done?! Ah whateverrrr I'm going to prepare to meet Shaoye now. So.. Happy 20th, me!)