Monday, February 2, 2009

Left 4 dead

Say Hi to my new obsession. (Link)

Though it took days of downloading and sometimes lags so bad, it's damn fun shooting zombies' arms and heads off. (Headshots are awesome.)

(Though Darling says I'm an absolute retard cos I always forget to reload
and don't notice the hunter zombies and I get freaked by random zombies popping out of nowhere
and I'm kinda slow with the controls..
But it's okay! Cos Darling found a infinite ammo cheat will guide me along the way :x)

You get to kill zombies and shoot their heads off. (Literally. How cool is that?! Hahaha)

Look at the horde of zombies! Throw a pipe bomb and they'll run after it, and when it explodes, the blood splatters to the wall. (Darling: Why are they all so retarded, running after a bomb?)

I have no idea why Darling named the character Emotionally, but whatever.
What matters is, I killed 209 zombies! ^^;

I've got bunny ears! Hahah~ Last game of L4D before I get my new geeeeeeky specs today! :D

PS: Birthday mentions, today's Shimin's birthday! Otanjoubi ommedetto my dear jieee! Loveees!
PPS: Anddddd tomorrow's Mommy's birthday! Mommyyyyyyy happy birthday! I love you! :)