Monday, February 9, 2009


I dreamt of her last night.

It was a happy, happy scenario.
Me, her, and our friends. We had fun.


(Random picture of the day)

New year's eve: 25th January

Darling and me scrambled to buy new year goodies on a last minute basis.
We spent the whole day going about, squeezing through crowds.

It says, 万事如意, which literally translates to a 10000 things going the way you wish, meaning all the best

年年有余, meaning may you have more than what you need every year. The word 余 and 鱼 sound similar in chinese, and 余 kinda means leftovers

We went to Yishun first, and Darling's dad took us for lunch.

Darling's dad seemed to like this alot. He ordered 3 plates of this.

I regret ordering this ._.

Darling's little sister.

We headed to Darling's Grandma's house after that..

And Darling took random photos.

Hate it when the pictures are so blur when they get resized! :(

We headed to my cousin's house for reunion dinner after that. They told us to finish everything on the table cos we were the last to eat -.-
(Cos we were late cos we got lost. HAHA)

"Don't take my picture, lah!"

Mom very focused on the TV show

Dessert after which we left (again) to Darling's Grandma's house. (At this point of time I was just tired from scrambling around)

Arrived there only to be greeted by the lil sister's crying face. :x
Apparently Darling's father was going to bring us all to Chinatown, but he changed his mind so she started crying about how she wanted to go.

Darling bought his sister's toys home to play. (Still the kid at heart)

Lunar New Year Day 1: 25th January

Woke up at 8am and stared at the room. "How did we live through such a mess?!" (LOL)

Grandma said the fertilisers I bought helped blossomed pretty flowers

By 11am, everyone arrived and helped with the ingredients for Yu Sheng

Honestly, I don't like the taste of Yu Sheng.

Preparing to take family photo! Yayyyyy

First shot: Fail! Some people's faces cannot be seen. (Maybe it was my big hair that blocked everyone. HAHAHA)

I really do have big hair.
(On a random note, I printed this photo for Grandma and my mom said the others kinda complained that why is it that I couldn't print more copies for everyone?
I've already sent the photos to everyone (Cousins, check emails please) so if you want it get your children to print it.
Grandma's old and even if she wanted these photos she wouldn't know how to go print them.)

My dad in a very weird pose hahah

Grandma when she was waaaaay younger.


Grandma and her grandchildren (We're missing a Mr Junwei who went off early :x)

My aunt(s), me, Shimin, and Mom (On a random note: 5 people sitting on a 3 seater sofa. How cool is that? Hahah)

We have matching specs now! Hahah

My mommmmmy! (Not ready for the photo, obviously)

(My small aunt was bald :x)

I went to meet Darling after that, Shimin's dad drove me to Yishun (Thanks T^T)
And we headed to all (Eh, I won't know if it's all or just afew.. But whatever, lah.) his relatives' houses.
We ate steamboat (again) in most of them (Ugh, no more steamboat in the near future please)

The most amazing part about this photo is Darling taking a picture (using flash) and they did not even notice.

Headed back to Darling's Grandma's house after that, we loitered around till dinner.
(The house looks empty, but actually all the people were at the other side of the photo -.-)

Up next would be Sentosa Flowers! Valentine's Day's coming, have you planned yours yet? ;)