Tuesday, February 17, 2009


(Random picture: Took this from Darling's folder, he took it on his trip to Taiwan last year. Think it was at the Taiwan airport.)

And yup, a continuation of the CNY series, this is the final Part 2. Me and Darling headed to Sentosa Flowers!
Although we went on a weekday, it was crowded with ALOT of people.
(Mainly people from ahemahem)

As it's name suggests, it's sorta like a festival with all sorts of flowers. This year's one was really long (distance-wise) and was cut into 2 locations, on Palawan Beach and Imbiah on Sentosa.

Furry flower

Flowers everywhere

Walls of flower (Should have cropped off that auntie at the side)

I told Darling this one kinda looks like an Ox. Fits the Ox year, anyway.

My hand was not long enough to push aside the leaf, lah.
Darling: It's okay lah. Just pretend the ox is munching the leaf, lor.

Me happily snapping photos at every juncture. Even when Darling's taking out batteries. Hahaha

Though it was sunny, we had fun :)

Darling doesn't want to take pictures :(

But apparently I didn't care. :x

Orchids. After this picture was taken the mist abruptly stopped. Darling's lucky!

Ever heard that at the end of the rainbow there's always a pot of gold?

Random dragon spewing water and smoke


Darling's doing it on purpose. As usual.

Even the swan's made of flowers.

Literally speaking, it means, 'I hope the people I care for will always be healthy and happy.'
I hope the same for the people I love, too. :)

We spent $4 on blueberry icecream cones which didn't really taste like blueberry.

And we head to Palawan Beach.

Actually there were alot of other hugeee sculptures I didn't upload up here. If you wanna see, you can head to the Sentosa Flowers website.

Being abit tired, we headed to the Tiger Sky Tower! (I think it was called the Carlsberg Tower initially?)
I wanted to go to the Butterfly Park and Insect Museum, but it was closed for the day T^T

Goes up to 50 storeys high I think. Darling took all the pictures, I was trying to sit still and not visualise the whole thing plummeting down to Earth and blood flying everywhere. Hahahah

Thank you Darling, for going about with me the whole day! :)

At the end of the day, Darling tried to buy a packet of skittles which cost $2 and it got stuck in the machine.
We had to spend another $2 to buy another packet to save the initially stuck packet. -.-

And that Saturday, had steamboat at Hui's house with some other secondary schoolmates.

Can't remember who took these pictures. Definately not me. :x

LOL I think Joel took this one

And this is Joel obsessed with Hui's dog, Yuki.

They gambled and I watched. (Or rather watched halfway and started playing with the PSP)
And this abruptly marks the end of the CNY series for 2009.

(And yes, I had fun on Valentine's day, thanks for asking.
Even if I had mud on my shoes, it was a hell load of fun and I would do it with Darling all. Over. Again.
Thank you Darling, for giving me a great Valentine's. :)

(And I'm kinda happy Darling didn't get me a DS Lite, cos I now want the DSi.
It's absolute coolness! 2 cameras = more camwhore opportunites!)